Breath of Air

Breath of Air

walking outside

in search of fresh air

healthy exercise

along the street

by all of the houses

birds sing

squirrels stand munching on acorns


a lungful of chemicals hangs in the air

fertilizer, pest control, herbicides

one tiny sign

“stay off the grass”


what about the dogs

the cats and birds


those worms that live under there

are we still to believe

that something with a smell so pungent

is fine to breathe

is fine to water down into our wells

is fine for our children and pets to crawl upon

but then

kids don’t play outside anymore


we are told to stay inside

out of the sun

away from those mosquitoes and ticks

off of the dirt

soiling our clothes

and making us clean our floors

more than we want to


a breath of fresh air

sun on my skin

soil between my toes

on my hands

drinking water from a hose

lying upon the lawn

a breath of fresh air

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