Sitting  Silence  Sand

Sitting Silence Sand

18 November 2013

Today is a good day.

I was blessed this morning with the opportunity to attend an opening ceremony given by seven Tibetan monks, as they prepared to create a Peace Sand Mandala over the next four days.

The monks come from the Labrang Tashi Kyil Monastery, Dehra Dun, India.

The monks will consecrate the site of the mandala with chants, music and mantra recitation.


Energy Practice

Energy Practice

I am posting to my blog as my morning writing practice today.

When Susan Piver came to Karmê Chöling to teach a writing and meditation program last year, I was able to take time away from the kitchen to participate.  So every morning I sit in meditation and follow with one or two pages of writing.  The participants of the writing class were encouraged to start a blog, so here I am 8 months later, manifesting that suggestion.

So here I sit, writing and wondering what will come out.  Will it be fit to print?  Will it be something too personal to share?  What determines those guidelines?  I suppose it is me who sets them.  And from what I see on the internet there appear to be few if any limitations or guidelines.  The world is wide open and I can present whatever comes to mind.

Writing is such a personal act.  And, it is a very human expression.  But then, sometimes it is like an otherworldy act as well…where do these words and thoughts come from?  Am I just channeling what I am given to say?  There are many times when I write something, find it later, and wonder if I actually wrote it.  Especially when I think it is good writing.  So, is it a transmission of something important to say, or am I just that good of a writer?  As I read this last line, does that mean I deny my ability to write well?  Or am I accepting that there are other voices to be heard that are unable to write this way, and I am the conduit?

I think a lot about energy in the world, and how to become more conscious of the different sources, qualities, applications, conduits (there’s that word again…), and influences of energies.  The more I explore energy, the more amazing life becomes.  We all take in and put out energy, along with everything else, and this energetic conversation is a rich source of wisdom.  When I tune in to just about anything in my sensory realm – say, an itch on my head, a sneeze, or the sound of a bird – I can either just scratch, blow my nose, or enjoy the song.  But when I actually listen with more than just the sense that registers the sound or feeling, I realize that it’s all very valuable information.  I can acknowledge it as a conversation and learn something from it.  For instance, when I feel an itch it often tells me I am reacting uncomfortably to something.  The sneeze may tell me that the trees are releasing their pollen.  And the sound of a bird tells me who it is and expresses the range of its territory, a call to a potential mate, or concern that danger is near.  Taking these further, I can choose to respond to those messages by opening to what might I find uncomfortable at that moment, remember and thank the trees for the gifts they offer us like shade and food, and be aware that some other creature has entered the yard.

This is cool stuff.

So, perhaps you will notice something in your day in a different way after reading this post.  It is just one of many ways to re-connect with the world around you, and become a more active participant in your life.

Be well